IELTS Preparation
With more than 10 years experience working with candidates of the much sought after IELTS examintion, LWT English possesses all the necessary knowledge and know how to help you reach your target score.
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General English
General English classes are designed to cover a range of skills in a natural and relaxed manner. Whether you are looking to improve your English abilities to better your career, help communication whilst travelling, or for a simple love of the language, general English class will help you achieve that goal.
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Just Talk!
Just Talk, is an all new service which allows the students to talk freely in a natural setting with a native speaking teacher. The purpose of this is to allow English students to work on their fluency, as well as their listening skills in a real life conversational situation. Topics can range from current events to personal & professional life.
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Young Learners!
Young Learner classes are for children aged 5-12. These classes are designed with young people in mind. Using a host of materials purposely created to help your child develop the skills necessary to succeed in English, your young learner will quickly grow confident speaking the world's most useful second language!
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LWT English offers a proofreading service for both academic or professional purposes. Make sure your English document meets the standards you want it to, and conveys the message you need it to.
  • Proofreading is completed at an average rate of 1,500 words per hour.
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Interview Preparation
Preparing for that big job interview can be stressful enough, without having to do it in a foreign language! LWT English offers interview preparation classes that will help you ready yourself for some of the more general soft skills questions, as well as some more industry specific inquiries.
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