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Online English teacherI’m Thomas Oxford or 'Tom', I am a British ESL teacher and I am the pioneer behind this English language service. LWTEnglish.com is an English language tuition service based in Bangkok, Thailand and made available worldwide. The LWT service is founded upon a wealth of experience that extends over ten years, and four continents.

Having experienced various teaching situations from busy high school and university classrooms, to intensive one on one sessions in language schools and online classrooms, I am equipped with all the tools necessary to keep the interests of students of all nationalities, educational backgrounds and age groups piqued. The LWT classroom makes use of all the benefits that learning English online is able to provide and it is not restricted by borders, geography or time zones.

I began my adventures in teaching English, in 2005. Since that time, I have had the joy of working in various settings with students of all shapes and sizes, across four continents. Teaching is my passion and I have spent the majority of my professional life working towards building a career in this field that makes a positive difference and one that I can be proud of.

ESL teacher teaching English, worldwide.

Why learn English online?

With today’s Internet capabilities being what they are, it is no longer necessary to travel to a language school and join your teacher in the classroom. In fact, you don’t even need to be in the same country as the teaching professional you have built a relationship with, let alone the same building. Learning English online allows you, the student to break through those geographical barriers that might prevent you from finding the right teacher for your education. With LWT, you can enjoy all the benefits of studying at a language school, without suffering any of the drawbacks. 

Learn English online from anywhere in the world

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The LWT promise. LWT is founded on a wealth of experience that was gained in the classroom, dealing with students of every description. I pride myself on delivering a first class service that will be specifically geared to your needs. Whether you are trying to get ahead in business, gain the skills necessary for academic success or simply master a new skill, LWT will give you all the help you need. No matter what your targets are, LWT can help you reach them. Book a FREE TRIAL class today and begin your journey. Together, we can reach your goals!